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Equipping handmade businesses with strategies, skills and tools to help them achieve success and rapid growth.

About Cupcake Trainings
Cupcake Trainings is a place where every handmade business owner can access a variety of workshops, courses, mini-courses and trainings. Taught by a whole team of educators who each specialize in a particular field—from growing your handmade business on Etsy to making your own website and so much more, students can learn online and at their own pace with the support of a seasoned staff to back their company and guide them as they grow.  

We understand, more than anyone, how difficult and daunting running a business can be. Which is why, here at Cupcake Trainings, we made sure you’ll find a platform where you can find content that suits you, connect with a community of fellow students and alumni, create lasting partnerships and friendships, and discover skills that can propel your business to greater heights.
Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or already have one, no matter what stage in your business you’re at, we believe in creating materials that cater to your specific needs. Our step-by-step process that we have built through years of experience can help you minimize your legwork and let you avoid making the same costly mistakes we did. 
We offer a diverse selection of highly recommended courses and trainings geared towards handmadepreneurs.
We have an entire team of teachers who have succeeded in their businesses and want to see YOU succeed too. 
No lengthy, complicated processes. Just straight to the point and easy to understand formula and strategies.
Why did we create Cupcake Trainings?
To equip you with the knowledge you need to create, promote and profit from your own handmade business.

To teach you the skills to help you run a business and avoid making the most common business mistakes.

To provide you with quality trainings and courses that take away all the guesswork.

To help you achieve the results you want without overspending on outdated techniques. 

To put the spotlight on your prized creations so people can finally appreciate and buy them.

To guide you in the right direction so you can leave that job to focus on doing what you're most passionate about. 

To hold your hand every step of the way so you can hit that 6-figure mark or even achieve that lifelong 7-figure goal. 

To share with you tested and proven shortcuts that have worked for us—handmade business owners just like you who used to think scaling up to six and seven figures were merely a pipe dream.

What are they saying about Cupcake Trainings?
Many of our students have gone on to achieve milestones and find success after learning from us.
"Wooo Hoooo!!! I've been so busy filling orders that I didn't even realize I've hit six figures in sales like 2 months ago. I'm so excited!! Thank you Renae Christine for all your help. <3 <3 <3 Now moving on to Christmas craziness."

- Amy DeMott
"Gulp! I just had my first ever 5 figure month and it's not even Christmas yet!!!"

- Sacha Whitehead
"I've been trying to model my business after yours and now you're literally giving me step by step how to do it!! I'M SO EXCITED and super grateful!!!"

- Alexis Krystina
"I have over 750 orders and after the last webinar have made it to #1 on page 1 for searching "water bottle". Thank you Thank you THANK YOU! This income has supported myself and my kids since my ex-husband quit paying his support in May."

- No Name
"This is exactly what I needed to take everything to the next level. This is going to help in so many ways. Renae is better than Oprah... she's not an impersonal TV celebrity. She's the real deal teaching us how to get real results! Thank you yet again Renae and Tom!"

- Aiesha Dhas
"Leilani Howard you are a genius. I always thought to use the bitly to the fullest you had to have the paid version. so I never signed up... so I will not spoil it for everyone, but it's a game changer. So I hope to share my genius pro tips one day in the future"

- Stephanie Jarrard Jones
What are they saying about Cupcake Trainings?
Many of our students have gone on to achieve milestones and find success after learning from us.
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